Capstan & Windlass & Anchor Mooring Winch Maintenance

ADAMECHANIC workshop responds to all kind of general maintenance and overhauling requirements of any kind of deck equipment such as capstans, windlasses, anchor mooring winches, etc.   From reconditioning to rebuilding of the winch shafts, drums, gypsy heads, reproducing and renewal of its bush bearings, repairing of its hydraulic systems, maintenance of its gear parts are all in our scope of services.   During the maintenance also brake linings are carefully renewed by our technicians if necessary.   Spare brakes and bush materials are always available in the stock.

Coolers & Heaters

ADAMECHANIC workshop has special ultrasonic cleaning device and chemical cleaning units for the heaters and the coolers.   Depending on the technical requirements and customer demands we are able to give the desired proper cleaning solution to our customers.   In addition to all above necessary pressure tests are also being performed at our workshop in order to check the functionality and to present our customers before delivering back on board of the vessels.


Mechanical workshop has good experience on boiler overhauling and retubing with class approved materials. Fire bricks can be renewed and/or completed and boiler valves can be overhauled and tested with the certificate necessary for the classification society requirements.


Basically, there are two types of commonly used gear systems. Those systems are HYDROLIC and ELECTRO-HYDROLIC. At Adamechanic workshop we do maintenance of gear systems, power transmission aids, gear shaft parts or gear shaft rebuilding. Adamechanic can help you with expert technicians for all kind of gear systems.

Cargo and Engine Room Pumps maintenance:

ADAMECHANIC workshop has great experience on overhauling of the cargo and engine room pumps with a wide range from centrifugal type pumps to screw type pumps.   Within our capability of workshop, we are able to recondition of the worn parts by machining and installing bush sleeve or by hot works and machining depending on the case.   In addition, reproducing of the pump parts / shafts and cast welding are also possible and general spare parts such as mechanical seals, rubber couplings, etc. are always available in our stock.