Our Policies


Our Policies

Our Policies

HSE Policies

-We aim to minimize the risk of accidents, illness and injuries in our work place.

-We obey all the health and safety regulations without any exception.

-All of our employees take the HSE training for avoiding risks and increase the knowledge for a safe work area.

– We periodically review and improve our Occupational Health and Safety Policy in order to assure its validity and effectiveness.

Our Policies

Quality policies

-Our primary goal is meeting the expectations and requires of our customers, our suppliers and employees, all laws and regulations, legislation and standards.

-The quality of our products and services is the only thing we never compromise.

-We always seek the technological innovations.

-We aim to make the employees feel that they are huge part of our structure.

-Superior mechanical engineering service.

-To become a worldwide service brand.

Our Policies

Environmental Policies

Efficient usage of materials and natural sources.

-Increase the usage of recyclable materials.

-Waste management for ensure obeying the legal rules and international standards for recyclable and non-recyclable materials.

-Aim to getting closer to zero carbon emission

– Apply the regulations and laws for protect the seas and costs

-Our priority is to improve our environmental policies by taking help from local and global authorities for leave a habitable world.

Our Policies

Our Policies